Expedition Vehicle Model Lineup
GXV offers the most complete line-up of Expedition vehicles built in the United States. These models are the result of years of research and development coupled with countless miles of world travel in the harshest of conditions.  Our all wheel drive vehicles, whether it is 4×4 or 6×6, or 8×8, are designed to be strong and easy to service.
Turtle UXV Pangea-LT Cab Height Lifting Roof
Turtle for Website LT-Pangea for Web 
Safari Extreme Patagonia Pangea Lifting Roof
1306-thumb 112-Web Models Page
Specialty Vehicles   Survival Basics
CCS Web Model Page Survival Basics Models Page

Every GXV body design has been engineered for a specific function and performance requirement.  Each model shares common balance, stability, reliability, marine grade utilities, comfortably balanced interior and a huge list of options to meet any requirement.

GXV is dedicated to make overland travel available to as many as possible by offering top quality vehicles at affordable prices. This commitment is achieved by efficient manufacturing processes that do not require huge overheads to be passed on to consumers.

When choosing a model from our line-up or choosing a custom build, you can count on uncompromising quality at an affordable price.

Four Up GXV
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