GXV Armor Vision ™

Specialized Expedition Vehicle Window

  • Specially Sealed Dual-Paned Glass, Allows for Expansion and Contraction with Elevation Change


Armor Vision 300k

Open Windows from Outside

  • Mount Flush with Exterior Wall
  • Tempered Security Glass
  • Steel Reinforced  Frame with Dual Steel Locking Points
  • Variable Opening Positions
  • Excellent Thermal Properties
  • Elegant Styling
  • Paintable Frame, Allows the Frame to Match
    the Color of the Truck
  • Handle Open/Close Operation
  • Easily Cleanable, opens from Inside to a Flat Position for Cleaning the Outside Surface

Armor Vision Opened AV-Cleaning the Window from the Inside lighter AV-Cleaning Armor Vision

  • Hinge Integrated into Frame Out of Viewing Area
  • Excellent Ventilation, even During Rain

    Open Single Window

…….. Aluminum Cover for Shipping and Intruder Protection

Security Plate-2 Security Plate-3

Integrated Insect Screen, Tightly Sealed to Prevent even the Smallest Insects

AV-Insect Screen

Integrated Roller Shades

AV-Shade Screen

Magnetic Closer in Screen and Shade Allow for Variable Height


AV-Shade and insect screens closed

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