Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing facility size is of utmost importance if value and quality is the top concern of your vehicle builder. GXV chooses to keep their facilities modest, yet fully capable and efficient.  GXV is able to build your Expedition Vehicle to the highest industry standards yet without passing on enormous fixed operating costs.

Manufacturing Process

Owner Mike Van Pelt’s philosophy of quality and value is carried out by industry professionals.  These professionals are comprised of designers, engineers, welders, fabricators, electricians, plumbers, cabinet makers, upholsters, assemblers, sales, marketing and others who work behind the scenes.   Most vehicles are custom built and require a high level of world travel knowledge to help overlanders foresee all requirements pertaining to their plans, when ordering.  That is one of the reasons why GXV is the choice of discriminating buyers.  Mike Van Pelt, and his wife Rene’, might possibly lead the industry with personal travel experience.  Call us today to take advantage of the expertise that comes with a vehicle from GXV.


Choosing a chassis starts with GXV’s professional sales team.  They will want to first learn if your travel vision is domestic, hemispheric or worldly.  Then they will need to know such things as, number of people traveling and length of time away per trip.  Then they will talk about living quarters, size and requirements.  This processed information will tell us whether a Mercedes, MAN, Freightliner, International, Ford or another chassis will be the best choice.

Body Assembly

GXV chooses to use the SCS (structural composite sandwich) panel to build their bodies.  This method allows for maximum diversity of cabin size choices and provides the option to adjust strength requirements through additional plys or wall thickness.  The SCS panel also has superior insulating performance as compared to molded bodies.  Typical panels are a solid core 3 ply panel that is ultra high strength, low weight and self supporting.  The interior structural core is highly insulating and the outer plys are made of a Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester.  The exterior and interior plys have a gelcoat surface for easy cleaning.  The plys are vacuum bonded with a 1,344 pound per square inch industrial adhesive.  Total wall thickness typically is 2.36’’ (60mm) with no thermal conduction paths.  The 4.33’’ (110 mm) thick SCS floor system has an integrated welded frame structure that is environment protected with the same fiberglass reinforced polyester surface material.  The SCS body panel system will handle extremes where molded bodies fall short.  SCS panels hold up to the mechanical stresses and dynamic forces, such as flexing, wind and extreme hot or cold encountered in Overland travel.

Body Mounting

G-KAS (GXV-Kinetic Attachment System) is a 3-point connection between the body and the chassis with 2 structural isolation bearing points and one or more pivot points.  This system allows the truck frame to flex to its maximum position and isolate that dynamic force from the expedition body.

Interior Finish

GXV interiors have the fit and finish of top end motor coaches yet are designed to handle all temperature and humidity extremes.  When you visit our facility you will be shown a vast selection of fabrics, leathers, flooring options, wall coverings as well as cabinet wood choices.  Our cabinets are designed and manufactured by veteran cabinet makers that factor in the potential stresses from overland travel.  Our cabinets also have the industries best hinges, slides and locking hardware available.

Armor Vision Windows™ — (GXV EXCLUSIVE) an ultra premium dual-paned burglar, scratch, discolor and fade proof glass window with high thermal properties.  Exterior flush mounting and dual steel locking points provide protection from intrusions.  Windows slide down to mid height when opened to the horizontal position allowing for exterior surface cleaning from the inside.  Armor Vision windows have integrated blinds and mosquito screens with 100% sealing.  Frame work holds an expandable bladder that connects to the vacuum area between the panes allowing for use in all altitudes.Optional stainless steel protection plates are available for shipping and additional security...


Click here to see more about Armor Vision™ Windows



When talking to a consultant on your travel needs you might want to ask if they have overland travel experience.  Our professionals, who will be assisting you, have traveled to many corners of the earth.  One such trip took nearly a year.  This experience will be a huge advantage when helping you design a vehicle that is planned for a lifetime of travel enjoyment.

Call us today at 417-582-5050 to start moving the dream to reality.


Q. What is the price range of your vehicles?

A.  GXV actually has the broadest range of Expedition Vehicles in the U.S. as well as most European countries.  Currently prices start at $209,000 for the entry-level Turtle and can be $850,000 for a custom-built Pangea Lifting Roof model.

Q. What is the difference between an XV (Expedition Vehicle) and an RV (recreation vehicle)?

A.  XV’s are made virtually 4 times stronger. First the chassis is much larger and is 4 wheel drive with tall off road capable tires. Next our bodies (not everyone’s) are made of a 2-3/8’’ thick, solid core, 3 ply Structural Composite Sandwich panels (SCS).  Many RV’s are framed with a small wood stud on wide spacing’s, covered with a thin layer of vinyl or aluminum.  An RV wall structure can literally shake apart in the terrains that are traversed with an XV.  Next, our XV’s have redundant utility systems.  For example, a GXV vehicle can have two or more heat, electrical and AC systems.  This eliminates a distressful situation if there would be a utility failure, let’s say, in the mountains of Peru.  Also note that an XV will not have slide outs, due to the fact they will not hold up properly in most off road conditions. Last, our XV’s are all hand built to the highest possible quality and to your custom specifications.  Yes XV’s cost more, but there is no comparison in the durability and capabilities between the two.

Q.  If I order one now, how long until I take delivery?

A.  Six to twelve months depending on specifications.

Q.  Do you rent XV’s?

A.  We are considering a rental fleet but currently do not rent XV’s.

Q.  Do you offer financing?

A.  We suggest that you contact your bank for their options of financing as a primary or secondary residence. Certain tax deductions may apply that way. A tax attorney or CPA will be able to advise you of the best way to finance as well.

Q.  Do you have local dealerships?

A.  We build all vehicles to order in our U.S. manufacturing facility. Please call for delivery information for out of country sales.

Q.  What chassis do you build on?

A.  Actually, we custom build on a variety of trucks. Unimog, Freightliner, International and Ford are popular but many other chassis are possible to build on.

Q.  How do I know what truck is best for me?

A.  That is where we start with our customers. We first learn the continents you want to travel and then the terrain you want to visit. GXV will then make a suggestion based on our millions of miles of experience in expedition travel. Fuel, wheelbase, horse power, speed and sleeping quarters are just a few more things taken into consideration when purchasing an Expedition Vehicle.

Q.  Can these vehicles be serviced by others.

A.  Yes, we will recommend a chassis that will have a dealer or service center network in your travel area. Body systems, appliances, components and utilities can be serviced or repaired by most RV or independent service centers. Boat yards are an option as well since we primarily use marine grade components. In the event your repair facility cannot procure the parts necessary we will promptly ship what is needed.


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