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Q. What is the price range of your vehicles?

A.  GXV actually has the broadest range of Expedition Vehicles in the U.S. as well as most European countries.  Currently prices start at $209,000 and go to $490,000. We are considering adding a domestic expedition vehicle to our line-up and that base price may be as low as $129,000.

Q. What is the difference between an XV (Expedition Vehicle)  and an  RV (recreation vehicle)?

A.  XV’s are made virtually 4 times stronger.  First the chassis is much larger and is 4 wheel drive with tall off road capable tires.  Next our bodies (not everyone’s) are made of a 2-3/8’’ thick, solid core, 3 ply structural composite sandwich panels (SCS). Many RV’s are framed with a small wood stud on wide spacing’s, covered with a thin layer of vinyl or aluminum.  An RV wall structure can literally shake apart in the terrains that are traversed with an XV. Next, our XV’s have redundant utility systems.  For example, a GXV vehicle can have two or more heat, electrical and AC systems.  This eliminates a distressful situation if there would be a utility failure, let’s say, in the mountains of Peru. Also note that an XV will not have slide outs, due to the fact they will not hold up properly in most off road conditions. Last, our XV’s are all hand built to the highest possible quality and to your custom specifications.  Yes XV’s cost more, but there is no comparison in the durability and capabilities between the two.

Q.  If I order one now, how long until I take delivery?

A.  Six to twelve months depending on specifications.

Q.  Do you rent XV’s?

A.  We are considering a rental fleet but currently do not rent XV’s.

Q.  Do you offer financing?

A.  We suggest that you contact your bank for their options of financing as a primary or secondary residence.  Certain tax deductions may apply that way.  A tax attorney or CPA will be able to advise you   of the best way to finance as well.

Q.  Do you have local dealerships?

A.  We build all vehicles to order in our U.S. manufacturing facility.  Please call for delivery information for out of country sales.

Q.  What chassis do you build on?

A.  Actually, we custom build on a variety of trucks.  Unimog, Freightliner, International and Ford are popular but many other chassis are possible to build on.

Q.  How do I know what truck is best for me?

A.  That is where we start with our customers.  We first learn the continents you want to travel and then the terrain you want to visit.  GXV will then make a suggestion based on our millions of miles of experience in expedition travel.  Fuel, wheelbase, horse power, speed and sleeping quarters are just a few more things taken into consideration when purchasing an Expedition Vehicle.

Q.  Can these vehicles be serviced by others.

A.  Yes, we will recommend a chassis that will have a dealer or service center network in your travel area.  Body systems, appliances, components and utilities can be serviced or repaired by most RV or independent service centers.  Boat yards are an option as well since we primarily use marine grade components.  In the event your repair facility cannot procure the parts necessary we will promptly ship what is needed.


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